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Below we provided links to two preloaded Isagenix shopping carts for your convenience. Please choose one that fits your goals and budget to buy Isagenix Collagen Elixir.

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✿   Shopping cart #1: Best Value

The first preloaded shopping cart contains 6 boxes of Isagenix Collagen Elixir. Each box contains 10 mini-bottles so you will have 60 portions. This will allow you to take Collagen Elixir twice a day for maximum results. This cart offers the best value because of the additional 10% discount that Isagenix offers for packs of 6.

✿   Shopping cart #2: Daily Shot

Your second shopping cart option is preloaded with 4 boxes of Collagen Elixir (40 mini-bottles). This will be enough to have one collagen drink every day. You will also have a few extra bottles to use as a booster every few days or to share with friends or family.

Four boxes is the minimum purchase amount that will qualify you to take a full advantage of the Isagenix Customer Referral Program.

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You will notice that your cart includes a free Isagenix Preferred Customer account. Being an Isagenix Preferred Customer costs you nothing but entitles you to a 25% discount on all your Isagenix purchases.

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Once you have placed your order make sure to check out the Isagenix Customer Referral Program. Referral bonuses can not only help you get back the money you spend on Collagen Elixir today but also can pay for your next orders.

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Here is a summary of your buying options again. Each option is followed by the list of the included discounts.

  • 10% Off Quantities of 6 or More
  • Preferred Customer discount: 25% off Retail Price
  • Preferred Customer discount: 25% off Retail Price

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