Collagen Elixir for Beauty Professionals

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Calling beauty professionals of all trades! ✿  

✿  Would you be interested in exploring an easy and lockdown-proof way to earn more money by offering Collagen Elixir to your clients?

The months of the pandemic put a huge strain on the revenues of all the businesses that depend on personal contact with their clients. That includes most of the small businesses in the beauty industry.

What has nearly destroyed some of the small businesses has brought fortunes to others. All online-based businesses flourished through the pandemic.

What if you could level the playing field and boost your revenues by creating a new, online-based income stream for your business?

As an Isagenix Independent Associate, you can start an online income stream without any technical knowledge and grow your sales using just your phone.

✿ Your clients will love Collagen Elixir

Your clients will love the way Collagen Elixir builds their youthful beauty from the inside out, and you will love commissions deposited directly to your bank account.

✿ It is easy to explain to your clients

Collagen delivers unique rejuvenating effects. Interest in collagen is at an all time high. If your clients are interested in natural beauty and anti-aging they’ve likely already heard about collagen. They might be looking for the best product to support their skin collagen in a way that is both effective and easy to use.

You just need to highlight a few simple points to get them interested in trying Collagen Elixir:

✿ Collagen supplements are more effective than collagen creams

Collagen is used in numerous cosmetic formulations, but the use of topical collagen has weak evidence. Nutritional collagen, on the other hand, has shown the ability to reverse the signs of skin aging in multiple scientific studies.

✿ Different types of collagen produce different benefits

Our body contains many types of collagen. To get specific results you need to take a specific collagen product. Bone broths contain mostly type 2 and 3 collagen which benefit your gut, joints, and ligaments. Type 1 collagen is the most beneficial collagen type for skin rejuvenation. It is most abundant in marine sources.

✿ Marine collagen

Isagenix Collagen Elixir contains hydrolyzed marine collagen sustainably sourced from deep–sea fish caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Scandinavian regions. This is the exact type of collagen our skin needs – the type that produces “the fountain of youth” effects.

✿ Collagen Elixir contains the right collagen dose

Studies that confirm the benefits of marine collagen use 4,000 to 5,000 mg of collagen. Each portion of Collagen Elixir contains 5,000 mg of marine collagen – the clinically effective dose shown to increase skin firmness and elasticity as well as reduce the depth of wrinkles.

✿ It’s convenient

Collagen supplements that deliver a sufficient dose of collagen often come as powders that have to be mixed with some liquid. Many people find it inconvenient. Collagen Elixir comes portioned into mini-bottles and is ready to use.

One or two mini bottles can easily fit even in a small purse, so Collagen Elixir can be enjoyed on the go. This convenience aspect will be especially appreciated by your clients who have busy lifestyles.

✿ It’s delicious!

Collagen Elixir tastes like a delicious wild–berry flavored juice. Opening an elegant mini-bottle and enjoying this rejuvenating drink can become a beautiful daily ritual that many of your clients are likely to love and keep long term.

✿ You only need your phone to build your online income stream

Selling Collagen Elixir can be done from you phone from beginning to end. You can use your computer too, but it is not necessary. Your Collagen Elixir business stream is always up and running, fully protected from any circumstances that may restrict your contact with your clients in person.

✿ You do not have to purchase products in advance

You do not have to keep a supply of Collagen Elixir on hand. All you need to do is to reach out to your clients, tell them about Collagen Elixir, and, if they are interested, text or email them a link to a preloaded Isagenix shopping cart. Isagenix will take care of taking your client’s payment as well as shipping and handling.

✿ You get paid each time your clients place their orders

After you help your clients to place their first order, they can place their orders on their phone or computer independently from you. You will receive commissions for the first and all repeat orders for as long as your customer is buying Collagen Elixir, even if you no longer see this client for other beauty services.

✿ Lifestyle products produce ongoing commissions

Collagen Elixir is a lifestyle product. Its maximum benefits come from daily use. Those who fall in love with this product are likely to use it for years to come.

✿ You will have an option to build your distribution network

Your clients will start naturally attracting referrals. Some of them may become interested in becoming a distributor as well. If you tell your fellow beauty professionals about Collagen Elixir, they may become interested in offering it to their clients too.

You will get paid not only on the Collagen Elixir sales placed by your referrals but also on the orders placed by the referrals of your referrals, and so on, to unlimited depth. All of this can expand your Collagen Elixir business stream well beyond your current customer base.

✿ It is easy to add Collagen Elixir to your beauty business offerings

You do not need much preparation to start offering Collagen Elixir to your clients. It is an online business that has all the necessary infrastructure and support already in place. You just need to plug in, learn the basics, and start earning!

✿ How to start

If you like the idea of earning extra money with Collagen Elixir and want to give it a try, we would be happy to answer your questions, provide more information, and help you get started.

To learn more and to find out if becoming an Isagenix distributor would be a good fit for your business please send us a request for more information.