Isagenix Shopping Cart Instructions

Placing an order through an Isagenix shopping cart link is easy and takes just a minute or two. It can get a bit more involved though if you are changing the default order.

If you have any problems checking out, please check the instructions on this page.

Completing your order

When you click on any of the shopping cart links on this website, you will be taken trough the ordering process step by step. Each step opens a new screen as described below.

✿ Step 1

The first screen displays your initial order for today as well as your subscription order that will follow in 30 days if you keep it. There is no editing on this screen, you will be able to do it later in the process. For now just press Next to proceed.

✿ Step 2

The second screen is for entering your Personal Information: first and last name, email, and phone number with the country code.

Entering your information will enable two buttons at the bottom.

Click on Continue Creating My Account to proceed with your order or on Make Changes to My Products to change your order.

Here is how to change your order (optional)

If you’ve chosen the Make Changes to My Products option you will see a page Review My Products with editing options for both your initial order and your subscription order.

  • Changing the amount of the product

If you want to change the number of Collagen Elixir boxes for either one of the two orders you will have to add the desired number of individual boxes of Collagen Elixir first.

To add individual boxes click on Edit or on the Add More Products button, find Collagen Elixir in the catalogue (look under New Products or in the beauty/look better section), and add it to cart.

This will enable delete option for the original Collagen Elixir bundle that was placed in the cart by default.

Please note that in Canada you will have to select the NFR (Not For Resale) catalogue to find Collagen Elixir.

  • Rescheduling the subscription

You can change both the starting date and the frequency of your subscription order (a range from 7 days to 90 days is available).

  • Removing the subscription

To remove the subscription, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select a different level of savings. Keep in mind that placing your first order with the subscription gives you free shipping today. You can always stop your subscription later.

  • Proceeding with your order after editing

When you are satisfied with your order click on Next button at the bottom to proceed with your order.

✿ Step 3

The next screen is Payment Options.

Depending no how you want to pay, click either on the PayPal button or on the Choose this option button under the depiction of the other payment options. The actual payment will happen later in the process.

✿ Step 4

The next screen is your Account Information.

Here you provide your address, create a username and password for your Isagenix account, and accept Isagenix standard Customer Terms and Conditions.

Make sure that your password is between 8 and 20 symbols and includes upper and lower case, at least one number, and at least one special character.

You may be asked “Please be sure that we have your correct address before you continue“. It does not mean that something is wrong, just check it one more time and make sure you did not make any typos before you click Next.

✿ Step 5

The next screen is Shipping.

Provide the destination address for your order (it can be different from the address associated with your account) and click Next.

✿ Step 6

The next screen is Payment.

Enter your card information here if you are not using PayPal and click Next.

✿ Step 7

The next screen is Review.

Here you can review your shipping information, payment information, and your order summary for both your initial order and your subscription order.

Select Pay Now & Complete Signup to complete placing your order.

Congratulations you are all set!

Your Collagen Elixir shipment will arrive in a few days!

Check your inbox for the order confirmation email from Isagenix. This email will also contain your Isagenix member ID.

Take a note of the username and password you’ve created. You will need both to log in into your newly created online Isagenix account.

Additional notes

Please note that you country of residence can not be edited because our carts are country-specific. If your clicked on the wrong cart please go back to the Get Started page and select the correct country of residence.