Collagen Elixir Before & After Pictures

Collagen before and after pictures speak louder than words! Have you ever looked at before and after pictures in skin treatment ads and wondered what has changed? Sometimes it is not that obvious.

Let’s see if you can easily spot the changes on the photos on this page. All before and after pictures below have been submitted by Isagenix customers after taking Collagen Elixir.

Some people have added the day count on their pictures which is very helpful. As you can see, initial positive changes often show up in less than 30 days of using Collagen Elixir.

Please note that while some people see results in just a few weeks, for others it may take a few months. Everybody’s skin and collagen reserves are different, so results and timelines vary for different people.

In a preliminary study participants experienced a 9.5% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles over 30 days.

Collagen before and after - 60 days

The picture sequence above shows impressive changes in many areas. At the end of the second month the wrinkles around the eyes are hardly noticeable anymore, the nasolabial folds have softened, and the cheek lines are much less expressed.

The young woman in the next picture did not have any wrinkles to start with. For her, using Collagen Elixir resulted in significantly improved skin texture and tone. You can also notice that the dark circles under her eyes disappeared. Unfortunately, the pictures are not dated so we don’t know how long it took to achieve these results.

Improved skin tone

The next before and after example shows a decrease in wrinkle depth on the forehead and around the eye.

Collagen before and after - forehead

Your face is not the only place where collagen can help. After the face, hands are the second most visible, tell-tale sign of age. According to a study done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons most people can accurately tell a person’s age by viewing only their hands. The picture below shows how Isagenix Collagen Elixir has helped this person’s hands to look younger in 60 days

Hands can benefit from collagen too

Knees is another place that can show your age. As you see in the picture below, Collagen Elixir can help improve this area as well.

The next picture shows overall softening of the deep lines and wrinkles in just 42 days. The difference is obvious both on the neck and on the face. It would be interesting to see what results this person achieved at the end of the full two months.

Collagen before and after - overall

The two pictures below are only 25 days apart, but we can see noticeable changes in the area around the eye.

Improvement in crow feet

Our next before and after example does not specify how many days have passed between the two pictures. We can see the multiple subtle changes in the face and neck contours that result in a much more youthful overall appearance.

Collagen before and after - face and neck contour

Our next progress picture is similar. The rejuvenating effect of Collagen Elixir is often created by a combination of multiple small changes that are hard to point out individually. Have a look at the sequence below. What age would you assign to each of the pictures below? Would you be able to say what exactly changed?

It seems logical that, by creating a steady supply of quality collagen, Collagen Elixir would help heal scarring, including acne scarring. It is indeed what happens – you can see it in the next picture.

Isagenix does not promote it’s marine collagen as a remedy for active acne, so it came as a surprise to see many Collagen Elixir before and after pictures like the one below. Maybe the healing botanicals played their role here?

Many Isagenix customers discovered that Collagen Elixir benefits extend beyond skin healing and rejuvenation. The two sets of picture below show improvements in hair health.

Sometimes we receive pictures that show eyelashes growth too!

All the Collagen Elixir before and after pictures above were sent by women but that does not mean that men are left out! Many Isagenix male customers want their skin to look great and use Collagen Elixir with results no less impressive that those reported by women.

The two Collagen Elixir progress pictures below showcase skin rejuvenation results achieved by men.

The photos on this page represent only a fraction of our Collagen Elixir before and after picture collection. We tried to choose at least one photo for each type of result that is frequently reported by Isagenix customers.

It’s worth repeating one more time that there are no guaranteed timelines and everyone’s results are different.

One thing is clear though: if you are looking to achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance, Isagenix Collagen Elixir is one of the best collagen supplements you can find.

The best way to see what it can do for your skin, hair, and nails is to order a full month supply of Isagenix Collagen Elixir now and start your 30-day trial.

Since Isagenix offers a 30-day money back guarantee, your purchase is risk-free. If you don’t see any initial positive changes in four weeks just contact Isagenix to receive a full refund.

Make Isagenix Collagen Elixir part of your beauty routine  

Collagen Elixir tastes like a delicious wild–berry flavored juice. It is portioned into elegant mini-bottles and is ready to use. Enjoying this rejuvenating drink can become a beautiful daily ritual you can feel good about.