Step 3: Your Collagen Elixir Business in a Nutshell

How do Isagenix Associates earn money?

If you followed the two previous steps, your Preferred Customer account is now converted to an Associate account, and your Rewards Program is set up. We are ready to start looking into how you would be making money.

As Isagenix Associates we use Isagenix lifestyle products (in this case Collagen Elixir) to look and feel better. We earn money by helping other people to become Isagenix customers so they can use Isagenix products to look and feel better too. We also help them to earn money – if they are interested to do so to cover their product costs or to supplement their income.

At this step we will show you how bringing new customers to Isagenix makes you money.

Isagenix pay plan is one of the most lucrative and fair in the industry. It has multiple ways of getting paid built it and you will learn all about them as you build your business.

Since you just starting now, you just need to understand the basic process and the associated numbers.

Let’s learn some numbers

The short video below explains all the numbers you need to know to start earning money with your newly born Collagen Elixir business.

The video has all the numbers in American dollars. If you live in another country convert the USD numbers into your currency to understand local payouts. If you live in Canada replace 50 USD with 55 CAD, 100 USD with 111 CAD, and 250 USD with 277 CAD.