Step 1: You are the Billboard – Order your Collagen Elixir

Being “a product of the product” is your key to success

Isagenix associates who earn the most money make it a priority to become “a product of the product”. Those of us who promote Collagen Elixir love their “beauty shot”, use it daily, and it shows.

You don’t need to explain much if the person you talking to sees the effects of the product on your face. Leveraging your own results is your best business tool and best advertisement.

Did you open your Prefer Customer account?

You might have ordered your Collagen Elixir already. If you didn’t, now it the time to open your Isagenix Preferred Customer account and place your first order.

All order links on this website include a free Isagenix Preferred Customer account. If you placed your order here or through one of our team members, you are now a Preferred Customer! Being a Preferred Customer gives you access to 25% discount off retail price for your first and all following orders.

To place your orders going forward you will have to go to and log into your online Isagenix account using the user name and the password you created when placing your first order.

Isagenix point system – PVs and BVs

You might have noticed that your first order summary contained some number followed by “BV”. This is because Isagenix uses its own point system to measure the amount of products in each order. The points are called PV (personal volume, products you buy for yourself) or BV (business volume, products your customers buy).

To get the maximum benefits from the Isagenix pay plan you will have to keep your account “active” by ordering at least 100 points worth in Isagenix products each month for your own use.

Our recommendation is to order four boxes of Collagen Elixir (40 mini bottles, 120 BV) each month. This will will cost you 159USD (or similar amount in your country’s currency) plus tax and shipment.

Setting up your Rewards Program

Isagenix offers a convenient way to get your monthly product shipment. It is called Rewards Program and sometimes referred to as the auto-ship.

The Rewards Program is very flexible. You can change, move , or cancel it at any time.

We recommend that you log into your Isagenix account now, select “Orders” in the top menu, and set up your Reward Program. You can choose 40 or 60 bottles of Collagen Elixir for your monthly shipment.

In the course of this training program you will learn how to recover the costs of your Collagen Elixir going forwards by getting paid for your referrals.

Next step is to become an Isagenix Associate

To start earning money you have to become an Isagenix Associate. On step 2 we will explain how to do it. If you did not buy your Collagen Elixir yet, please make sure that your order is on it’s way before proceeding further.