Can we restore what time takes away? What science tells us about reversing age-related collagen loss

Collagen plummets as we age

Collagen builds the foundation of a smooth and radiant complexion

As we age, the network of collagen fibers in deep layers of skin becomes fragmented and weakened, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and thinner skin.

After a person reaches the age of 18 years, their skin collagen content decreases by about 1% per year. Who would think that aging starts so early!

By the age of 80, collagen production in the skin may have decreased by 75% when compared with collagen production in young adults.

This loss of collagen causes wrinkles and sagging skin.

Can collagen supplements reverse collagen loss?

Good news is that studies have shown that the age-related loss of collagen can be reversible!

Nutritional collagen has been around for a long time. There is a large body of evidence supporting its safe use and multiple benefits for both internal health and external appearance.

Today you no longer have to wonder if collagen supplements actually work. Instead, you can focus on selecting a high-quality product with an ingredient profile that fits your goals.

A better question to ask yourself is if YOUR collagen supplement can reverse collagen loss?”

It’s not enough to know that collagen supplements can reverse the signs of aging. While it it might has been proven for specific collagen products and doses that researchers used in their studies, it may not be true for a specific collagen product you use.

Collagen supplements vary greatly when it comes to:

  • type(s) of collagen included,
  • amount of collagen in one dose,
  • additional components that enhance the effects of the product,
  • quality, stability, and bioavailability of the ingredients.

That is why it’s important to look for studies that test a specific product that you consider using. It’s not always easy to find such studies.

Unlike many other collagen supplement currently on the market, Collagen Elixir has been tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The study was published in the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition.

Here is what Collagen Elixir achieved in four weeks

Researchers documented impressive changes in study participants’ skin, including increased collagen density, skin elasticity, moisture, and brightness at the end of the 4-week study. Other findings included reducing wrinkles and visible and UV spots.

Increases in Collagen Levels

The study found that Collagen Elixir significantly increased facial collagen density in the participants after four weeks of daily consumption.

Improvements in Elasticity and Moisture

Daily consumption of Collagen Elixir resulted in a significant increase in both elasticity and moisture in facial skin among study participants.

Reductions in the Appearance of Wrinkles

After four weeks, 70% of participants experienced a measurable reduction in wrinkles.

Reductions in Hyperpigmentation, Including Visible and and UV Spots

Consuming Collagen Elixir led to a reduction in measures of hyperpigmentation, including a reduction in both visible and UV spots compared to the participant’s baseline measurements. Other benefits included improvements in skin tone, with a significant increase in skin brightness after four weeks of supplementation with Collagen Elixir.

Widespread skin health benefits

Overall, consuming Collagen Elixir resulted in widespread skin health benefits, with 100% of subjects having increased collagen levels, 90% with increased moisture, 97% with greater elasticity, and 70% of subjects exhibiting fewer wrinkles after four weeks of supplementation.

You can refer to the full text of the Collagen Elixir study for more details or click the “Get Started” button below to see what Collagen Elixir can do for your skin.