Buy Isagenix Collagen Elixir in Continental Europe and Scandinavia

Collagen Elixir is available for purchase in all countries in Continental Europe and Scandinavia where Isagenix is officially open for business. Select your country below on this page to place your order.

After you select your shipment destination , you will be transferred to our Isagenix online store where you can select the number of individual doses of Collagen Elixir that you want to buy.

We recommend to order 60 doses (click on 60ct option as shown on the screenshot below). This will allow you to take Collagen Elixir twice daily for maximum results.

Choose the “Subscription Rewards” buying option for the best pricing (this option is selected by default).

Please select your country from the list below to proceed with your Collagen Elixir order.

If your country is not listed here that means that Isagenix does not currently offer direct shipping to your location. Bookmark this page and check back later – Isagenix opens new markets every year. In the meantime your best way to try Collagen Elixir is to ask a friend who lives in the one of the countries listed above to order Collagen Elixir and ship it to you privately.